How the Talented 12 celebrate

Scientific success is sweeter when you stop to celebrate. Here’s how a few of our 12 commemorate Ph.D. defenses and other achievements in the lab.


Jillian Dempsey

“We celebrate publications with cake. I decorate the cakes with an artistic rendition of a key figure from the manuscript.”



Luke Connal

“Beer at group meeting, mimosas for publications, yum cha [tea and dim sum] for thesis submissions,” and lawn bowling at the holidays (shown).



Daniel DiRocco

DiRocco celebrates “over a nice glass of scotch.”




Corinna Schindler

Ben & ­Jerry’s ice cream cake and champagne.



Bozhi Tian

“We have a fun event, such as a painting party.”




Credit: Courtesy of Luke Connal (Bowling); Courtesy of Jillian Dempsey (Cake); Shutterstock (Scotch, cork); Bottle & Bottega Chicago (Painting)