Our 2017 selection process

To find our 12, we called on a panel of esteemed advisers, C&EN’s advisory board, and Talented 12 alumni to nominate prospects aged 42 or younger who are pushing the boundaries in their fields. We also accepted nominations from readers through an online form. Finally, we researched and evaluated the more than 150 candidates amassed during this process to zero in on the path-paving individuals highlighted here.

Our advisers:

Frances H. Arnold, California Institute of Technology; James J. De Yoreo, University of Washington and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Anthony Estrada, Denali Therapeutics; Paula T. Hammond, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Sarah E. Reisman, Caltech; Tobias Ritter, Max Planck Institute for Kohlenforschung; Daniel Siegwart, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; Alex Spokoyny, University of California, Los Angeles; Karen L. Wooley, Texas A&M University; Vivian W.-W. Yam, University of Hong Kong

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